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KCS Consultants was founded in 1996 by Keith Simon, a professional engineer with 24 years experience in the industry. Our goal is to provide Clients with a high quality level of service backed up by highly qualified technical and administrative staff.

KCS Consultants was initially formed with the purposes of providing IT support in the form of hardware sales / support, software development and training for Civil Engineering Professionals due to the lack of support / poor support / poor tools available from existing software and hardware vendors.  
As a Professional Civil Engineer with over 24 years of experience, Keith understands the demands of the industry.  He is also actively involved in the Civil Engineering Industry as the Business Unit Manager of the Port Elizabeth office of Ninham Shand (Pty) Ltd. He has also served on the Board of Directors of Ninham Shand (Pty) Ltd and Ninham Shand Holdings (Pty) Ltd, and as a trustee of the AAOT, the controlling trust of Aurecon, Africa and the Middle East.  Up until June 2010 Keith has been the Regional Manager of Aurecon Consulting Engineers / Project Managers in the Eastern Cape.
Since leaving this position he has focussed his attention on growing KCS Consultants formally into a Civil Engineering Consulting practice under his direct control and management. In addition to now providing Consulting Civil Engineering Services, KCS Consultants is also actively developing and enhancing the Civil Suite Engineering Design Software Suite even further.  We have recently undertaking a number of designs for other consulting engineers using the Civil Suite exclusively.  
The software tools created by KCS Consultants are used widely by various Consultants to assist with the planning and design and management of Municipal infrastructure, underlying the usefulness of the software and its functionality. The software has also been tested and used in-house by Aurecon and Ninham Shand. The tools are affordable as well and this is the ethos that still prevails in the company today.  From the humble beginnings of a single developer the company is now poised for growth never seen before in the local industry.
Initially efforts on software development were concentrated on the Sewer and Roads programs, however, since the release of the Terrain Modeller in 2005, these older programs have now been combined into one common interface with the result that we believe we have one of the most comprehensive design tools available for Civil Engineers.  In addition to the above mentioned Road, Sewer and Terrain programs, we have added a Water Network Analysis module based on EPA-Net as well as increased the GIS / CAD support to round off the tools required by our Civil Engineering Professionals. These tools are thus being constantly expanded upon as recently demonstrated in our Asset Management tools and systems currently under development to further enhance our municipal client's needs.
We have for a number of years believed, and in fact been informed so by numerous clients, that our Sewer Design program is one of the best yet seen.  The engine used in this very Sewer Module is around fifteen years old and has already proven its robustness to clients.  The same module has now been incorporated in the Civil Suite 2010 to enhance its functionality ten-fold.
Keith and his team intend to build on the experience gained in the development of the software and to utilise their many years of involvement in consulting to clients on the investigation, planning, design and implementation of National, Provincial and Municipal infrastructure requirements. Examples of civil and structural engineering projects in which the team have overall expertise include transportation and roads, stormwater management, urban and regional rural water and sanitation schemes, housing, agricultural developments, IDZ’s establishment and asset and project management. The team includes professionals with specialised health and safety expertise to manage employer’s risks when required. Keith is dedicated to providing a quality service and manages this by utilising only highly qualified staff and through management taking direct responsibility for projects from inception through to completion.
The entity KCS Consultants is thus proficient in project and asset management, health and safety, housing and land solutions, civil and structural engineering as well as allied engineering software development and support.
The firm currently has an office in Port Elizabeth, and intends opening an office in East London as part of its service offering. These offices will serve Clients throughout the Eastern Cape initially, with further growth taking place on a sustainable basis.

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For more information or assistance with any queries please call us on 082-8737303. To schedule a live demonstration via your web browser please email  In the future we will also be using this technology as the medium for providing software product support.

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